Hello Duxbury History Buffs

  • Welcome to DuxburysPilgrimsAndTheirLand.com. This will be the site for all things historical about Duxbury and its people, past and present.
  • We begin with the 1627 Plymouth Colony Court grants of land to the Plymouth settlers.  I try to find interesting stories that happened on the different land grants, whether they happened in 1620 or 2011. In the 1627 Second Division the Plymouth Colony set off to the colonists 20 acres to each man, woman and child. In Duxbury these lots were considered “shore lots” as they almost all had water frontage. At the time of this division the rest of the undivided land in Duxbury and Pembroke was referred to as “Common Land” for the use of all.
  • A little about me. I am a retired land surveyor who had offices in Weymouth, Hingham, Plymouth and Duxbury at various times. I’ve been searching through deeds for 50 years and I’ve always had an interest in history. I live in Duxbury with my wife, Grace, by beautiful Kingston Bay. Our daughter, Emelie (also an engineer) lives and works in Seattle, WA. I have a son, Ted, who is an IT specialist with an investment firm; and a daughter Erin, who is an editor of the Cape Cod Times’ PrimeTime magazine (BIG help to her dad). They both live close by. I am a die-hard Red Sox fan and I enjoy reading history books. You might run into me at the Dairy Twist, Bongi’s or the Duxbury Deli at lunch time (that was pre-diet). Mornings, I’m often pestering Carolyn Ravenscroft at the Drew Archives of the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society. Midday I’m frequently at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds. I got interested in these grants when I read Dorothy Wentworth’s “Settlement and Growth of Duxbury” an excellent book, but it did not cover all of the settlers. Then when I suggested writing these stories, Patrick Browne, the director of the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society provided me with a paper written by Edwin D. Johnson, which covered almost all the lots on the south coast. Since neither of these sources covered all of the “shore lots,” I had a new job!   
  • Currently I am writing articles in the Duxbury Clipper about these “shore lots” in the Plymouth Second Division, with the hope of covering the Duxbury divisions at a later date.  As time goes on, I will be posting comments on things I’ve learned since a newspaper article was written, whether it is supplementary information or a correction.
  • Ultimately, I hope to put all this information in book form.
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